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What a night last night!  I was excited all day Thursday to watch The Office on NBC.  I’m a latecomer to the hype surrounding this witty comedy, but now that I’ve been hooked it is one of my favorite sitcoms of all time – right behind Friends and Everybody Loves Raymond. (If you haven’t watch last night’s episode and don’t want to read about the details yet, skip to the last paragraph of the post!)

Jim and Pam remind me a little of Ross and Rachel from Friends.  They seemed destined to be together since the first season of the show.  Last night, they were married – twice!  Not only did they get married as planned in church, but prior to that ceremony they snuck off to share their vows privately in a shipboard wedding.  It was perfect for their characters on the show.  (Jim had purchased tickets just in case weeks earlier after watching this wedding video online – such a sweet thought!)

I’m definitely a sap for weddings, whether they’re real or from TV land.  I have a couple of close friends getting married next summer and can’t wait to share their big days.  I just hope their real husbands-to-be are able to pull off a rehearsal dinner speech as sweet as the one Jim gave!  (We’ll forgive him for the blunder he made right at the end – nobody’s perfect!)

Kenneth Cole Reaction Power Smooth Oxford
Kenneth Cole Reaction Power Smooth Oxford

Jim is played by John Krasinski, pictured here at the Emmy awards last month.  He looks amazing in his classic black suit and dress shoes.  His outfit actually reminds me a lot of the suit my husband wore on our wedding day.  Whether you’re getting married soon or just planning to attend a special event in the near future, the Kenneth Cole Reaction Power Smooth Oxford may be the right choice for you.  It’s a dressy shoe at a dressed down price.   

Ladies, don’t think we forgot about you!  Check out our collection of bridal shoes for women as well.


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