ShoeMall’s Back to School in Style Giveaway – Post 4

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It feels like the warm weather has barely gotten started, yet summer vacation is already half over! It’s almost time to stock up on school supplies, shop for new dorm room necessities and add to your closet with back to school fashions. Let us help you go back to school in style this year with our newest contest! One lucky winner will receive a back to school essentials kit consisting of two pairs of shoes and a bag or backpack from – winner’s choice!*

We have been putting up a new blog post every Wednesday morning at for the last few weeks. The blog posts each contain a question about back to school fashion or fall fun. Simply leave a comment on one of the posts answering that week’s question for an entry in the contest. You can only earn one (1) entry per blog post, but we have written four different contest posts. Comment on each one for up to four (4) entries! Be sure to include a valid email address when prompted as you submit your comment. This will not be published, but will be used to contact you if you win!

This is our last blog post for the contest. Answer the question below for your final blog entry. Don’t forget to visit ShoeMall’s Back to School in Style Giveaway page for more ways to enter to win. If you missed our first three blog questions, don’t worry! You can still gain an entry by leaving your comment on those posts as well.

This week’s question is:

What’s your favorite school days memory? Do you remember going on an exciting field trip? Will you never forget meeting your best friend on your first day at a new school? Take us down memory lane with you!

Want to earn additional entries in the contest or take a closer look at the rules? Visit ShoeMall’s Back to School in Style Giveaway page at!

Please email with any additional questions. The contest ends at 11:59 PM CST on Saturday, August 14th, 2010.

*You don’t have to be headed back to school to be eligible to win – everyone deserves a fall fashion shopping spree!


42 responses to “ShoeMall’s Back to School in Style Giveaway – Post 4”

11 08 2010
Lisa Carr (01:29:17) :

My favorite school days memory is a trip to the Statue of Liberty when I was in 2nd grade. I will never forget it.

11 08 2010
Jennifer B (06:55:25) :

I will never forget my best friend from grade school. Even after I moved to a different state and years later we just reconnected on FB. We were band from hanging out together because I have her answers to the test in sign language… haha kids.

For field trips I loved going to the Denver zoo and the Denver muesum I wish I still lived there so I can take my daughter. We also went to the Denver mint one time. That was really cool

11 08 2010
Cynthia C (06:59:21) :

I remember how exciting the first day of school always was. I loved the new school supplies and new clothes and all the possibilities that were ahead of me.

11 08 2010
Claudia (09:55:12) :

meeting my BFF 🙂 and we been friends now 35 years !

11 08 2010
FaithJ (10:04:24) :

I always loved the last week of the school year. The warm weather, the relaxed feeling of the sun-filled classrooms, and the excitement of a summer waiting for me. Everyone was happy, even if it was exam crunch time.

11 08 2010
Kelly Ann T. (10:24:00) :

I met my husband and now we have been together for 23 yrs. It was great being high school sweethearts.

11 08 2010
Jane Cottey (11:27:08) :

My favorite school memories are going to the high school football games with my best friend. I loved the fun times and the beautiful, crisp fall weather.

11 08 2010
Debby Jo (13:17:50) :

My favorite school memory is my DECA club. I was the historian. We went to a big convention in the city and competed with other kids all over the United Stated. I did a radio commercial that got an honorable mention.

11 08 2010
T (16:05:04) :

I guess my fav memories are knowing that all was possible and thinking if you believe it you can make it reality.

11 08 2010
Crystal F (17:23:56) :

I remember going on a field trip in the 6th grade and having my first experience with breastfeeding. We were at an outside cafe and a lady was breastfeeding a baby. It was all anyone could talk about especially the boys.

11 08 2010
Ellen (19:48:37) :

School for us growing up meant new clothes and new shoes~ it was about the only time we had them when Mom was a single parent (this was way back when!) Everything had the ‘new’ smell, and we always had to change to ‘play’ clothes when we got home.
I loved school because it meant everything started fresh. Missed summer, but enjoyed the crisp fall days!

11 08 2010
Ellen (19:56:05) :
here is a tweety + 25 again

So thinking this is 100 or so now!

11 08 2010
Jessie C. (20:48:35) :

My favorite school days memory is the grandparents day when I was seven.

11 08 2010
12 08 2010
Letessha (01:23:19) :

The only thing I liked about going back to school was having my new clothes and shoes. I loved the smell of the pencils and glue.

12 08 2010
Willa Luthi (15:42:08) :

My favorite days of school memory is just being able to walk 1 1/2 miles to the school, with my older brothers and sisters. I had rhumatic fever when I was 6 and it left me a bit crippled at the time. I was a proud pumpkin just to put on my shoes to walk!

13 08 2010
Samantha (04:47:45) :

My favorite bts memory is the day that I started school in a new school, new town AND new level (Middle School) all at once. Talk about a culture shock!

13 08 2010
Rhonda Mason (06:00:46) :

One of my favorite memories of our small rural school is our weekly walks to the town hall for music class. We didn’t have enough space in our small grammar school and the town hall seemed huge with its balcony and stage. As a small girl it seemed like broadway to me and we were sure proud to do our concerts there every year.Of coursethat was 50 years ago- the town hall doesn’t seem so big now! Thanks for reminding me!
[Email Address Removed]

13 08 2010
Gina (11:49:27) :

My absolute favorite school memory took place in my freshman year of college. I was extremely nervous leaving my parents and home state to live somewhere far away for four years. Knowing no one, I attended a back to school concert where I met three girls who are still to this day (three years later) my best friends. We had a great time at the concert and many, many more fun days! I Love you girls and couldn’t have made it through these three years without you!

13 08 2010
Kristie (13:26:11) :

My favorite school memory is the first day of every year when I had all new clothes to wear and I was always so proud of my new clothes and shoes.

13 08 2010
Tesa S. (14:31:53) :

I couldn’t wait to see my best friend. She only lived 6 miles from me, and we used to write LETTERS to each other during the summer. haha We’re still best friends to this day. 🙂

13 08 2010
Valeen N (15:43:27) :

My favorite school days memory is being in the band! Yes, it’s true, I was a band geek. I loved traveling to the away football games, loved playing at the games, and loved the friendships we developed! I’m still friends with several band folks!

13 08 2010
Julie K (21:51:15) :

I used to love choosing classes in high school. They always seemed so much more exciting on paper than they actually turned out to be, though. I also thought that my back to school clothes were fun. Thanks!

13 08 2010
Betty C (23:20:37) :

I loved school and the first day was always so exciting. I couldn’t wait to meet my friends and see who my teacher would be.

14 08 2010
Shannon Schulte (05:53:58) :

i loved school. I was such a science nerd 🙂 @sethandshannon1

14 08 2010
Donna B. (06:52:59) :

6th grade field trip to Philadelphia. We had the BEST time, not just all the sightseeing but the bus trip to/from, and the sense of freedom we had (no pun intended) being 12 and in a new city exploring the rich culture and history.

14 08 2010
Natasha (07:36:12) :

My favorite/funniest memories of school is starting a new school in second grade. We had just moved from LA to Norther CA, I was exhaused and nervous and I fell asleep on my second day of school in religion class ~ it was a Catholic school. It was mentioned at our 8th grade graduation and still to this day when we get together no one lets me forget it!

14 08 2010
Darlene A (08:59:20) :

We didn’t have much money when I was growing up and my sister and I always picked pickles and mom took them in to the pickle station in the evening. We saved our little checks and then bought our school supplies (that was a big day) and a new outfit for the first day of school. I loved going back to school because that was the end of my picking pickles for the summer and I couldn’t wait to wear that new outfit.

14 08 2010
Pauline M (09:12:02) :

My favorite field trip growing up was in High School with our school choir trip to New York. I knew right then and there that I never wanted to go back home. I loved the hustle and bustle of the place. Sadly though I did return home and only enjoy New York on vacations now!

14 08 2010
Chrysa (10:54:15) :

My favorite school memories are of track and field day in grammar school. We always got the whole day just to compete in events with a big awards ceremony at the end of the day.

14 08 2010
Holly (18:50:11) :

my favorite school memory was my 2nd grade teacher, she helped me get my first library card.

14 08 2010
Tammy Greer (21:41:13) :

My favorite experience(fieldtrip) was going to the Maola Ice Cream Plant! So much fun and loved the treat!
[Email Address Removed]

14 08 2010
DarcyO (21:48:31) :

I remember field trips to the Twin Cities to the Chanhassen Dinner Theatre, what fun that was!

14 08 2010
Rosey (22:19:11) :

Taking a field trip to Mill Hollow was very memorable to me because I remember getting such a rush when the bus went down a very steep hill. At the time I was scared to death to go up the hill in the big bus, thinking we would fall off. hahaha I have never been back as an adult, but I’m guessing the road/hill will not be as steep as it was when I was a child. 😉

14 08 2010
Sue C. (22:35:04) :

I loved getting ready to go back to school each year – new clothes, new school supplies, new teacher, etc.

14 08 2010
shel (22:50:09) :

My favorite part was when we got picked to turn the slide film projector at school. It was an old metal film projector with a knob on the side and the teacher would start the record and every time there was a soft “ding” you would advance the film one frame. It was always an honor to get chosen to turn the projector.

14 08 2010
14 08 2010
melissa (22:54:03) :

my favorite school days memory was playing outside at recess.

14 08 2010
Donna K (23:42:53) :

I remember going on a cave trip. It was great.

14 08 2010
Veronica Garrett (23:45:16) :

My favorite school days memory was hanging out with all of my girlfriends. Carefree days and cruising.

16 08 2010
Becky (ShoeMall) (10:45:08) :

Thanks for all of the fun, thoughtful, sweet comments! They reminded me of a lot of school day memories as well – DECA, band, friends, field day, summer vacation… Thanks for sharing!

19 08 2010
Becky (ShoeMall) (11:25:49) :

Our winner is Tammie C. from Roanoke, VA. Thanks for all of your thoughtful, fun-to-read entries! Keep your eyes peeled for additional contests to come.

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